One of the main aims of the Medieval England Maritime Project is to provide bilbiographic guidance to different types of maritime history. There are currently three bibliographies on the site:

(1) Bibliography of Maritime History of the British Isles and Ireland, c. 700-1520 includes a thematically-organized list of works published 1990-2013, but in the process of being updated to include works published up to 2019.

(2) Bibliography of Medieval English Maritime Trade by Port includes secondary sources analyzing the overseas and/or coastal trade, largely during the period of the overseas customs accounts (1270s to 1520), organized by port.

(3) Annotated bibliography of Editions of Customs Accounts, 1266-1520, organized by port, lists printed and online transcriptions and translations of the TNA E122 particular accounts for customs collected by the Exchequer on behalf of the crown, as well as local port customs accounts.